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    Barrel Twelve Claws

    The robot palletizer is a palletizer designed for the characteristics and applications of China's current beer, beverage, and food industries. Using a robot palletizer can save manpower, high production efficiency, and convenient and simple operation. .

    Technical features:

    l The wrist load capacity is 180Kgand the maximum working radius is


    l IT has the advantages of simple structureconvenient operation, low energy

    consumption, small floor areaetc

    l The wiring mode built in the cable is used,and the signal cable and air

    circuit control are integrated internally. The overall appearance is good

    Application field:

    It is mainly used for industrial packaging of beverages, beer,food, non food glass, plastic bottles and cans,medical treatmentetc.

    Technical parameters:



    Power Supply

    380V 50HZ  20Kw

    Applicable products

    Bagged, boxed, etc

    Product size

    Customized as needed

    Applicable pallet size

    According to the actual pallet design


    Customized as needed

    Stacking height

    ≤ 1800mm (robot can be selected according to requirements)


    9-10 beats/minute (more than one time according to the stacking type)

    Barometric pressure

    ≥6Kg/cm 2

    Air consumption

    0.2m 3/ Min depends on the packed product

    Product conveying height

    Customizable as required

    Pallet conveying height

    Customizable as required

    Pallet conveying mode

    According to the pallet structure, roller type, chain type, chain plate type, multi-functional fixture, etc. can be used

    Mechanical dimensions

    According to the actual layout

    Mechanical weight


    Equipment material

    The main body is made of carbon steel sprayed plastic, and the part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel (can be customized according to requirements)

    Device configuration

    Customized according to requirements

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