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    Water Series

    Water is the source of life, and our daily life is inseparable from the existence of water. With the improvement of living standards, bottled drinking water is favored by consumers. my country's drinking water industry is developing well, and beverage companies are looking for high-quality water sources.

    In addition to 250ml, 350ml, 500ml, 650ml, and 750ml of PET bottled water, the large bucket water market, which focuses on household and kitchen water, also has huge development space, such as bucket caps and robotic palletizing.

    The solution issued by Yingyi for PET bottled water includes water treatment, automatic blow molding machine, automatic bottle unscrambler, automatic filling machine, automatic drying machine, automatic sleeve labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, back-end packaging and robot code. Stacking and other equipment, to make a complete set of solutions for the realization of factory automation and unmanned.

    Yingyi's water series solutions are extremely cost-effective, and the production efficiency can reach the leading level in the industry. For a single device, Yingyi can provide you with the most suitable solution.