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    Daily Chemical

    The daily chemical industry is dominated by cleaning products. The laundry products in the family are transformed from washing powder and soap to products such as laundry liquid, laundry beads and laundry paper. With the increase in domestic customer demand, the sales of skin care products such as skin care lotion, facial cleanser, and facial mask have increased significantly; it also includes laundry detergent, hair conditioner, toilet cleaner, disinfectant and other products.

    For the daily chemical PET bottle issuance plan, the automatic bottle unscrambler, automatic orientation machine, automatic filling machine, automatic drying machine, automatic sleeve labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, back-end packaging and robot palletizing equipment are included to realize the factory. Automatic and unmanned to make a complete set of solutions.

    The bottle types in the daily chemical industry are different, the caps are often diversified and irregular, and the packaging containers are also different; it increases the difficulty for the bottle unscramble and filling process, for example, the bottle mouth direction of the bottle coming out of the bottle is inconsistent; There are problems such as wire drawing, bubbles, etc., and the requirements for the accuracy and safety of filling are also very strict. The trend of production capacity puts forward new requirements for bottle sorting and filling equipment.

    Yingyi daily chemical solutions can fully consider the key points in the production environment. We have rich practical experience and can provide high-standard solutions according to your required processing technology, making your entire production process safer and more convenient to operate. .